We reconfigure your Salesforce structure to align with your organizational needs.

Your Business Drivers

Organizations are not static. They are constantly growing and evolving – which, while important for long-term success, can lead to short-term process challenges:

  • Outdated functionality

  • Misaligned processes and workflows

  • Organizational silos

  • Poor data visibility and accessibility

Wave6 believes that as your business evolves, your Salesforce investment should evolve with it. The solution? Routine Salesforce health checks to ensure that your CRM deployment continues to provide the functionality to support your current sales processes and business goals.

Our Approach

We’ll conduct a comprehensive configuration assessment to realign your Salesforce deployment with shifting organizational structures and business objectives, including:

  • Staffing Changes: Does your Salesforce structure match new team structures?

  • New Business Systems: Is your Salesforce deployment integrated with all of your critical business systems?

  • Evolving KPIs: Are your dashboards and reports providing the right data to the right people?

  • Shifting Sales Processes: Is your Salesforce instance set up to support newly-modified sales processes?

  • Business Growth: Does your Salesforce deployment reflect your company’s maturity?

Be confident that your Salesforce strategy is positioned to support your business strategy, now and into the future.
“By automatically gathering and presenting relevant sales pipeline data and giving sales reps an easy interface for forecasting, the Wave6 solution reduces forecast cycle time and increases accuracy.”
– Greg Richards
VP, Finance, Telular

Why Wave6?


2 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards: Analytics Cloud™ (2015) and App Cloud™ (2016)


50 team members with 120+ certifications


400+ happy clients generate a customer satisfaction score of 9+/10


Documented process methodology emphasizes communication and hand-off, to ensure your long-term success

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