Business Challenge

Communications between the client’s marketing and sales groups regarding inventory and business development opportunities were disorganized and inefficient. Inventory data was tracked via spreadsheets, preventing a unified view of current information. As a result, the groups were unable to fully leverage existing efforts, and sales opportunities went unrecognized.

The client needed a system that could automate the marketing and sales processes and improve collaboration to close more revenue.


The client chose Wave6 to develop user-friendly marketing and sales applications and centralized communication tools. Wave6 leveraged the App Cloud™ platform to enable marketing and sales to enter and manage data in Salesforce, as well as created communication groups for each in the Salesforce Chatter social network.

To facilitate implementation across the organization, it also conducted a “train the trainer” session for the client’s internal training team.

The Results

Now sales staff enters a request into Salesforce to trigger a notification for the marketing group to create and price a current product placement package. They also use Chatter to ensure all information is centrally located so it can be leveraged for future opportunities.

As a result of the centralized communication, the sales group can provide customers more accurate information, vastly improving customer service. It also can research different options to offer customers additional placement opportunities. The client realized almost immediate benefit from the new system, with incremental income of $25 million in the first quarter after implementation.

The centralized system also allows management to generate reports on which packages are selling and which inventory remains. This new consolidated view allows the organization to quickly adjust offerings or generate new ideas based on actual sales results.