We combine separate Salesforce orgs into a single, unified platform following M&As and corporate restructures.

Your Business Drivers

Mergers and acquisitions are a key growth strategy for many organizations. And yet, without careful integration planning, the result can be a complicated mess:

  • Competing workflows and processes create operational inefficiencies

  • Lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities fosters employee anxieties

  • Poor data visibility and accessibility prevent informed, accurate business decisions

Wave6 offers a better way. By bringing the best practices learned from more than 900 Salesforce implementations, we know how to eliminate the pain of merging Salesforce orgs – so you can start seizing growth opportunities and realize cost-efficiencies from the merge.

Our Approach

When combining multiple Salesforce orgs into a single deployment, we follow a four-step Salesforce integration process to ensure we properly merge the necessary data and workflows:

  • Define the Sales Processes: We work with your stakeholders to define your new sales cycle and clarify terminology, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Update Salesforce Settings: We establish new team structures within Salesforce and redefine existing roles and responsibilities.

  • Consolidate Account Data: We make sure your system provides the foundation to capture new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Create Insights: We create unified views across the new Salesforce org so all stakeholders can capture the full efficiencies they need.

With the expertise of a leading Salesforce partner working on your behalf, you gain a unified sales team, more efficient processes and streamlined systems that maximize your potential for growth.
“I am 100% confident we are making the right decision in choosing Wave6 as our implementation partner.”

Why Wave6?


2 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards: Analytics Cloud™ (2015) and App Cloud™ (2016)


50 team members with 120+ certifications


400+ happy clients generate a customer satisfaction score of 9+/10


Documented process methodology emphasizes communication and hand-off, to ensure your long-term success

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