We enable master data management of accounts for complex enterprise organizations.

Your Business Drivers

For organizations at the enterprise level, individual business units often act as if they’re standalone companies. While this may allow each BU to address its own unique needs and challenges, this poses a different set of challenges for the enterprise:

  • Lack of a centralized view of data across the enterprise, which can impede business insights and decision making by executive leadership

  • Lack of collaboration between BUs, which may limit their ability to capitalize on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

  • Lack of clarity around account ownership may result in over- or under-communicating with customers, which may lead to customer dissatisfaction and potentially loss of revenue

  • Lack of accuracy of account-level data, which means individual BUs may be operating with out-of-date information

Wave6 brings extensive enterprise-level experience with some of the largest brands in the country. We understand these challenges, and we know how to build unique, efficient, elegant multi-org structures to make sure all stakeholders have the CRM framework they need to be successful.

Our Approach

We leverage insights gained from more than 900 Salesforce implementations to create the hub-and-spoke solutions that deliver:

  • Consistent account hierarchy and a master view of data

  • Appropriate information flows to/from the hub and spoke and from spoke to spoke

  • Customizable data views for role-based reporting

  • Global pipeline visibility

  • Up-to-date account information

  • Easier identification of cross-sell/up-sell opportunities between BUs

With the expertise of a leading Salesforce partner working on your behalf, you gain the precise structure, data insights, reporting transparency, global visibility and advanced functionality that will take your organization where it needs to go.
“The consultants on my project were knowledgeable, articulate and insightful as to what needed to be accomplished for the project.”
– Danielle Hruska | Education as a Software Service Provider

Why Wave6?


2 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards: Analytics Cloud™ (2015) and App Cloud™ (2016)


50 team members with 120+ certifications


400+ happy clients generate a customer satisfaction score of 9+/10


Documented process methodology emphasizes communication and hand-off, to ensure your long-term success

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