We connect your customers, partners and employees in creative, efficient and impactful ways.

Your Business Drivers

Driving consistent communication is an important element of optimizing your operations:

  • Customers want to be able to easily connect with other customers like them

  • Partners want to be able to easily access and update their accounts

  • Employees want to be able to easily share critical data and content with colleagues

Wave6 helps you facilitate vibrant conversations among your most important constituents. By creating a mechanism for virtual communities, we help you connect with customers, expand partner relationships, grow sales and empower employees – all within the Salesforce environment.

Our Approach

We leverage the Salesforce Community Cloud to harness the power of collaboration. Our solutions include:

  • Industry-specific applications

  • Fast and cost-effective hybrid on-shore/off-shore development

  • User-centered, visual, branded design

  • Dedicated QA and support services

The result? You gain smoother experiences, improved communication, better relationships and more efficient employees across your organization.
“We appreciate Wave6’s partnership, and we couldn’t have achieved our recruitment and alumni development goals without their support.”
– Dave Mattie, Manager - IT
St. Francis Xavier University

Why Wave6?


Wave6 brings a full set of resources, including UI/UX designers, Lightning developers, and business analysts to maintain and manage our clients’ communities once they’re up and running


50+ clients with live community implementations

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