Business Challenge

A leading North American Freight company wanted to consolidate multiple systems supporting customer and sales activities. Their legacy systems lacked the functionality needed to support a single view of their customer base across multiple, fragmented operating companies. A significant amount of manual processes were required by sales representatives and leaders to merge information to provide a sales overview to the organization. The goal was to provide a single go-to-market process in order to consolidate desperate sales teams, many of whom were hindered by archaic systems prohibiting growth and visibility across all channels.


Wave6 was chosen to architect a solution on Salesforce’s Sales Cloud platform while using our expertise to refine and streamline sales processes. The solution Wave6 implemented automated front office procedures and integrated the client’s backend platforms for streamlined sales processes including:

  • Deploying Salesforce Sales Cloud to allow greatest visibility across all channels.

  • Integrating back-office data into Salesforce, allowing for a single view of current customer revenue data.

  • Delivering consolidated sales processes across multiple operating companies.

  • Enabling collaboration across sales and service in order to improve external customer experiences.

  • Providing measurable, expected-to-actual growth achievement across sales teams, operating companies and service types.

The Results

The new Salesforce-based solution has substantially increased sales rep productivity. After the new functionality was launched across the sales organization, the organization immediately:

  • Reduced complexity in the sales teams go-to market.

  • Improved visibility for bills, revenue and churn across multiple operating companies activities.

  • Data was easily accessible for management-level reporting.

  • The organization was able to re-engineer its entire sales process to optimize revenue potential, pricing intelligence and opportunity revenue realization.

Pleased with the results the organization is continuing to expand the use of the Salesforce platform to additional areas including Customer Service, Sales Operations and Terminals.