Business Challenge

The client’s IT team experienced a high volume of Salesforce-related end-user support requests, which coupled with existing resource constraints, led to an extensive backlog. Long IT response times began to impact the organization’s sales, marketing and operations teams, as well as delay key functional releases, development requests and other critical projects.

To take full advantage of the platform, the client needed additional administrative support as well as extra skillsets and guidance on platform optimization and strategic roadmap planning for growth.


The client selected Wave6’s unique SuccessWave offering to address its 200+ open support tickets. Wave6 provided a dedicated full-time, on-site/off-site Salesforce Business Analyst (SBA) to handle the outstanding open tickets and work alongside the client’s business leaders to support any incoming requests.

To plan for proper expansion of the Salesforce platform, Wave6 also provided an optimization analysis that gave the client visibility into potential expansion capabilities available within Salesforce to support its various departments.

The Results

The client saw an immediate reduction of support tickets; reducing a backlog of 208 down to 50 in the first two weeks. The client’s resources now could focus on critical projects including platform expansion versus addressing support issues.

Wave6 identified areas of improvement during the optimization analysis to increase ease of use, which ultimately led to increased user adoption.

  • Identified and archived fields previously not utilized to create a more efficient user experience

  • Identified gaps between existing business process and current SFDC functionality

  • Provided an optimization exercise to help increase user adoption

  • Provided recommendations for enhancing data integrations between SFDC and ERP solution

  • Streamlined content and documentation management

Wave6 continues to provide guidance around optimization and expansion of Salesforce, ensuring a stable and scalable platform for long-term strategic growth.