Business Challenge

GE Digital, a leading provider of digital industrial solutions, typically purchases several companies per year. Ensuring these acquisitions quickly produce revenue is a top priority.

This requires consolidating each acquired company’s CRM system and sales processes into the GE Digital organization – a painstaking endeavor that, done wrong, could derail ROI of the acquisition. Rather than manage this process in-house, GE Digital instead relies on the expertise of Wave6.


Wave6 leverages its proven Salesforce org merge methodology to bring each new acquisition on board. This is accomplished by evaluating the company’s existing sales systems and either merging the two orgs (if the new acquisition is deemed compatible with the GE Digital processes) or integrating data between the acquisition’s org and GE Digital (if a merge would not be advantageous).

GE Digital is thus able to ensure sales reps can start generating revenue quickly, while maintaining maximum visibility into critical sales data.

The Results

The successful merges and integrations have facilitated exponential revenue growth for the combined new organizations.

“Wave6 has provided GE Digital with a safe and effective org merge process,” said Eric Johnson, Vice President of Commercial Excellence at GE Digital. “Their ability to architect creative solutions that fit each unique business, along with their strong operational follow-through, has made an enormous difference in our ability to quickly generate revenue and realize ROI.”