Business Challenge

The client relied on Excel spreadsheets to track sales and price data for their advertising packages. The lack of a centralized system created numerous problems including lack of visibility into inventory, margin issues, ad hoc approval tracking, inaccurate forecasting as well as insufficient security.

The legacy process was resulting in capacity issues and high staff turnover. They needed an automated and user-friendly system to support their sales growth efforts.


Wave6 implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to replace the client’s existing spreadsheet-based pricing and proposal system. was leveraged to extend the functionality of Sales Cloud, which is now utilized by sales to determine pricing, capacity and availability along with share-of-voice when creating an advertising plan. It provides immediate forecasts of inventory, availability of sponsorships and accurate real-time pricing.

The system contains a risk calculation to determine when there might not be enough capacity to fulfill a proposal. Wave6 also integrated the Salesforce instance with the company’s Operative and Yieldex ERP systems to get real-time availability and auto-creation of orders from Salesforce.

The Results

The client now has a scalable platform which offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced visibility to outstanding/open proposals

  • Improved price quotes due to standard business rules

  • Protected margins with pricing approval

  • Improved ability to manage, predict and report on risk

  • Better forecasting

  • Improved security

  • Enhanced approval and workflow process

  • Product and Pricing Analytics related to proposals integrated with Qlickview