Business Challenge

Emtec, Inc., Wave6’s parent company, needed to better align three disparate yet business-critical order management systems / quote-to-cash processes.

  • VARStreet for sales quote automation

  • for customer relationship management

  • SAP for ERP

These three systems operated in silos with no integration, which required a large volume of manual data entry. This lack of centralized data prevented management from easily accessing reliable and accurate intelligence for business decisions.


Emtec partnered with Wave6 to integrate VARStreet and SAP with Salesforce via the Dell Boomi cloud platform. Dell Boomi offers pre-built connectors to both SAP and Salesforce, which not only ensures rapid deployment and immediate ROI, but also flexibility and scalability for future growth.

The reliable, powerful and cost-effective cloud platform provides seamless integration, improving both access to and quality of data at hand.

The Results

The now unified business process has delivered substantial benefits for Emtec:

  • 85% faster data entry, from 20 minutes to less than 3 minutes

  • Faster first-call resolution as a result of centralized access to customer and order information

  • Significant cost savings on Emtec’s high transaction volume

  • Substantial $1M savings over the development costs for an SAP-centric solution

Emtec’s executive and customer-facing teams now are able to access real-time dashboards and reports that provide reliable intelligence from quote to order as well as sales data.