Business Challenge

A leading auto auction company processes millions of vehicles via live auctions as well as a global online marketplace via various auction sites.

Their legacy mainframe system lacked the functionality needed to support the growing volume of charities it represented as well as its internal agents. A significant amount of manual processes were required by agents to look up vehicle identification numbers, their value, and the nearest auction to the donation pickup site. Tracking the wealth of donations through the auction process was difficult to do without a centralized system.

At a time when their business was growing, they saw agent productivity and job satisfaction decreasing. It needed a scalable CRM system to automate and streamline business processes including tracking of donors, charitable organizations and vehicles, as well as maintaining records for tax donations.


Wave6 was chosen to architect a flexible solution on Salesforce’s Service Cloud as well as a custom application built on App Cloud to automate their processes. The solution Wave6 developed, called AVID, automated and integrated the client’s backend platforms for enhanced customer service and streamlined processes including:

  • Integrated telephony with its Five9 phone system for call handling

  • Automated charity look-up based on inbound call

  • ERP integration to pass donation information and retrieve nearest auction location

  • VIN explosion tool integration

  • Blackbook value pricing tool integration

  • Automated emails for donor packages, receipts, form letters

The Results

The new Salesforce-based solution has substantially increased agent productivity. After the new functionality was implemented, customer service levels increased immediately.

Agents can now utilize the AVID tool to automatically determine the closest auction location. Call backs and tracking reminders are automatically generated, improving agent follow-up, resulting in more completed donations. The hybrid Service Cloud and App Cloud application sends the right donation confirmations, tax forms, and receipts at the right point in the process, increasing compliance with various state requirements, which has improved overall customer service, and increased revenue.